Friday, September 28, 2007

How many great places?

I was reading the Clinton Item last night (don't laugh), and came across this in their roundup of this week's legislative activity:
1,000 BEST PLACES IN MASSACHUSETTS (H 3417) -- The Committee on Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development is considering legislation creating a special commission to investigate and designate 1,000 great places in Massachusetts.
Now, I'm not sure I could name 1,000 places in Massachusetts, never mind 1,000 great places. (My brother suggested that we'd have a hard time coming up with Seven Wonders of Massachusetts, never mind 1,000.) I can't imagine how marginal the bottom, say 200, would be.

But you figure that any list would automatically have 351 "great" places, since every city and town in the state would have to have at least one, so I thought I'd give it a shot and try to come up with possible great places in the North County.

Leominster -- National Plastics Museum; Birthplace of Johnny Appleseed
Lancaster -- Bulfinch Church; Bolton Fair
Clinton -- Clinton Dam
Fitchburg -- Rollstone Boulder
Sterling -- Davis Farmland/Maze; "Mary had a Little Lamb" site
Gardner -- World's largest chair
Princeton -- Mt. Wachusett, Redemption Rock
Harvard -- Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge
Ashburnham -- Mt. Watatic

That's 13 down, 987 to go. Feel free to add suggestion in the comments.

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