Monday, February 12, 2007

Storm's a comin'...Who'll hit the forecast UPDATE: Todd Gross wins!

UPDATED RESULTS: The results are in and the big winner is hummus hawker Todd Gross, who correctly predicted exactly six inches of snow and other icy precip.

Honorable mentions to 7NEWS, which predicted 5-9", and WBZ-TV4 and the National Weather Service, which each clocked in at 6-10".

First snowstorm of the winter is scheduled to roll in sometime tomorrow night. Let's compare the forecasts 24 hours out from the start of the storm and see who ends up the closest...

I'm going to look at the big four news stations (4, 5, 7, and 25), NECN, the National Weather Service, and hummus-hawker Todd Gross, and check them out against the amount of snow that accumulates on my back deck. My deck should be a perfect is essentially protected on three sides so the snow won't drift, and it is wood, so the snow won't melt on impact like it might on asphalt or metal.

Here we go...

Channel 4: 6-10 inches.

Channel 5: 12-20 inches.

Channel 7: 5-9 inches.

Channel 25: 12+ inches.

NECN: 12-24 inches. Note, Matt Noyes posted the following to his blog at 12:10 pm: "Farther inland, areas from Central Massachusetts to interior New Hampshire and much of Maine will stay all snow or mostly snow, meaning accumulations of one to two feet would be possible." If he is correct, he would be almost 12 hours ahead of everyone else, as all of the big four raised their estimates between the 6 o'clock news and the late news.


Todd Gross: "storm still looks like mostly rain and wind on the coast after 1-3 or 2-4" of snow along and to the east of Rt. 95 with much more NW part of Rt 495 and beyond, maybe 6" there."

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