Monday, April 5, 2010


Last weekend, I had a couple of the largest traffic days in the history of this blog, thanks to the interest people have in Leominster mayor and city hall Romeo Dean Mazzarella. Seemed like a great opportunity to capture a bunch of new readers. An good aggressive week of blogging could have done wonders for the enterprise.

Then, nothing.

There is a reason. On Tuesday, I went in for fairly major surgery. Nothing life-threatening, and nothing that wasn't planned, but having a doctor cut you up and staple you back together takes a toll no matter what.

Not having any surgery before, I figured that it wouldn't be too tough to at least keep writing in tthe aftermath. I was so sure of that, I brought a netbook along to the hospital so that I could keep up with this site while I was waiting to come home. I didn't have the first idea what was coming.

What I found was that even though I felt better than I thought I would, I couldn't concentrate on writing. I was on a schedule (still am to an extent), where I had to eat at a certain time, drink at a certain time, breathe deeply at a certain time, walk at a certain time, to the point that I was thinking so much about that stuff that I couldn't concentrate on much else.

My recovery has been flying along. I feel great -- actually I feel a lot better than I thought I would -- I'm starting to get out for walks a couple of times a day, driving again, you know, everyday stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to get back in the saddle of this site as well.

Anyway, in case you've been wondering why No Drumlins went dark, there you go.
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