Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Have Republicans already "taken back Beacon Hill?"

Apparently they have. Two months ago, Rep. Lew Evangelidis announced that the seven Republican state reps who voted for him for House Minority Leader had teamed up to create a new Web site that was designed with Republican "activists" in mind:

I'm posting here to make you, as the grassroots activists of our party, the first ones to know about the first step in this initiative.

We are launching a new Web page that is dedicated to taking back Beacon Hill for the people of Massachusetts. We want to take things in a new direction and help to create a legislature we can be proud of, one that actually listens to people and represents them appropriately. And it is specifically designed with you in mind.

I guess it wasn't designed with me in mind, because when I visited www.takebackbeaconhill.com today all I got was this:


Then again, that does seem to accurately reflect the extent of the Republican agenda.

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