Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beautiful March

Seems like every post lately has been about some unpleasant bit of politics, so I thought I'd take a break and share a few photos from this month...

march 021
Sara has been in absolutely adorable mood this morning, so I took the time to shoot a handful of pictures.

march 020
Another from this morning.

march 011
Lest anyone has forgotten that we suffered an historically severe ice storm three months ago, a drive through just about any part of town will show plenty of damage still to be cleaned up. This tree is in our neighbor's yard. Jackson has learned to play around it.

march 009
Jackson helped us clean up the mess under our big catalpa tree by loading sticks into his wagon and carrying them to the wood pile.

march 048a
Jackson also helped us stack wood.

march 007
Rosie is very happy that we have finally been able to clear the debris from under her tree.

march 013
Now that Jackson is tall enough, he helps us get the mail.

march 033
Finally, this is perhaps the cutest picture I've ever taken.
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