Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration somewhat-live blog -- the balls

You could interpret the headline as I am live blogging the inaugural balls, or my blog about the inaugural is the balls...I'll leave that up to you. And we're off...

8:03 -- I think Will I Am has got just about as much face time as the president this weekend. I'm watching the neighborhood ball on ABC at least until 9:00, then I'll pick up some CNN coverage of the other 500 million parties.

8:06 -- Queen Latifah appears to be surrounded by a bunch of young ladies who finally got to pull out their prom dresses one last time.

8:07 -- Mary J Blige is up. It's only been eight minutes, and it already looks like we're going to get the B side of all of the performances from the celebration at the Lincoln Memorial Sunday.

8:08 -- If this were New Year's Rockin' Eve instead of the Obama Inauguration, would I really be watching this? Other than the upscale outfits of the party-goers and the seal in the background, is there really any difference?

8:17 -- Apparently I can send a picture in to show the world how I am celebrating. Maybe I'll give it a try.

8:20 -- Ah, geeky teachers getting engaged at the inauguration...change is coming to America, indeed.

8:21 -- Mariah Cary rockin' the blingtastic microphone...and it has her initials on it. She brings along her own rhinestone-studded microphone and stand. She seems much less, how to say, mellow than in other performances.

8:25 -- "Lance is having a party in Maui." I wish.

8:30 -- I'd love to run into Vince Wilfork shopping for a sofa at Bob's Furniture. Just saying.

8:31 -- Michelle is not a fan of tie first lady's gown, with "the little puff balls on it."

8:33 -- Barack Obama is so popular he could recite the ingredients of the Big Mac and still get shrieks and applause from most any crowd in Washington right now.

8:36 -- There are so many digital cameras and phones in the crowd that it looks like a crowd of concert-goers from a different era holding up their lighters.

8:38 -- Denzel Washington, Stevie Wonder...it really is just a jazzed up re-run of Sunday's event.

8:42 -- Michelle thinks Faith Hill looks awful. Too skinny.

8:44 -- Speaking of skinny, it doesn't look like the President will be giving out any of his citations for physical fitness to the regular folks on stage with him. A collection of regular people indeed.

8:45 -- The President bumping booty with another of the party goers. Michelle thinks he really looks like he's having fun. I agree.

8:48 -- I checked in on CNN during the break and Anderson Cooper said that CNN would be covering all of the balls (insert Anderson Cooper joke here) as long as the Obamas are out on the town. This could continue to be fun.

8:50 -- And then Ray Romano comes out...maybe not. This is my opportunity to take out the dog.

8:55 -- I had a pair of glasses the same style as the ones Jay-Z is wearing...in 1989.

9:09 -- Anderson Cooper criticizing the music choice of the Home States ball as the president and first lady dance. I'm going to be disappointed if the whole thing is just Anderson Cooper and his panel of stuffed shirts talking for three hours with an occasional cut-in to a ball.

9:15 -- You know, I've never watched Grey's Anatomy. And these overwrought commercials aren't going to get me to start now.

9:16 -- The whole text your inauguration party pic to ABC thing is corny.

9:22 -- Robin Roberts interviewing President Obama. I was hoping she'd throw in a "rock on with your bad self" from her ESPN days, but no.

9:23 -- I'd much rather hear one of Stevie Wonder's classics than whatever this song is.

9:27 -- Checking in on C-Span (yeah, I know, C-SPAN?) and the woman bing interviewed at the home state ball has a large round fur hat on. Looks like a furry hockey puck. I wonder if she realizes that she's not still outside in the cold.

9:32 -- Fox is covering the balls too. They just reported that Obama's dance at the Home States Ball was 69 seconds long, and was longer than the dances of the last two presidents. Bret Baier said that shows that Obama likes to bust a move. The same guy just hit on Megyn Kelly, who is at the Commander-in-Chief Ball.

9:38 -- Oh good, Megyn Kelly telling us how folks at the Commander-in-in-Chief ball are telling her they don't want to repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and wished George Bush were there. Get over it, Fox.

9:41 -- Shephard Smith...who I actually like...just cut into a performance of some band at the Commander-in-Chief Ball saying how nice it is to just listen to what is going on at the ball. I think he realized the irony.

9:52 -- The President really appears to be having a good time with the troops from Chicago.

9:53 -- Aaaugh...CNN just cut to break while the president was speaking to the troops. Come on. Can't you just hold the commercial for a few minutes?

9:55 -- And the Obama's get "At Last" at the Commander-in-Chief ball as well, but this time instead of Beyonce, they get the Marine Corps Band or some other troupe. Different sound.

9:57 -- The soldier dancing with Obama looks like she's having a blast; the marine taking a turn with the first lady looks scared out of his mind, like the awkward kid who gets to dance with the prom queen and doesn't know what to do.

10:01 -- Oh Good Lord! Geraldo Rivera is reporting from the Youth Ball. With not the least bit of hyperbole, Geraldo said that today's crowd on the mall was the most integrated he'd ever seen in his life.

10:04 -- Now Geraldo is saying that Kanye West's criticism of George Bush after Katrina is 2005 is what drove Hillary Clinton's black supporters into Barack Obama's camp.

10:05 -- Still trying to figure that one out, huh?

10:17 -- Paste Aretha's hat on your head.

10:18 -- Hate to say it, but Fox really does have the best coverage of the inaugural parties.

10:26 -- Waiting for the Obamas to appear at the Youth Ball, Fox heads over to some ball where their correspondent is interviewing Star Jones. Now, if there is one person whose opinion matters, it is Star Jones. God, I miss her on The View.

10:33 -- Shepard Smith with a "You are looking live..." I'm going to guess that is an intentional reference to Brent Musberger's famous opening.

10:36 -- I find it intersting that Obama spoke from a podium and with a teleprompter when he spoke at the Commander-in-Chief's ball, but that he appears to be speaking contemporaneously to the Youth Ball, the Neighborhood Ball, and other gatherings.

10:38 -- So, it looks like they are dancing to "At Last" at most of their balls.

10:40 -- Bob Beckel on Fox reports that Obama is now down to 52 seconds per dance.

10:42 -- Robin Givhan, Washington Post fashion editor, says Michelle Obama has "Title IX arms."

10:52 -- Gary Tuckman of CNN just reported that the Youth Ball "is not a cheesy ball." He apparently doesn't know that Geraldo Rivera is there.

10:56 -- This Bret Baier on Fox might be the whitest person on TV. He just reported that they are playing "Play that funky music, white boy." in the background at the Biden Home States ball. He stumbled. Shepard jumped in to reiterate that the word was "Funky." Not sure what he heard.

10:58 -- Kid Rock tells Fox the one thing he hopes Obama accomplishes is to "save Detroit."

11:02 -- Carl Cameron reports that the cash bar at the Midwest Ball has been doing a very brisk business and that many partygoers have had a number of drinks.

11:03 -- Lance Harris reports that the sky is blue.

11:13 -- Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey is being interviewed on C-Span. He reminds me of Buford T. Justice's son in Smokey and the Bandit II.

11:18 -- I'm out. Congratulations to the new president. And America.
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