Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration somewhat-live blog, part 1

Good Morning, You’re looking live at the capitol, where we are beginning our coverage of the inauguration of Barack Obama. Here we go…

10:00 am – At least to start, I’m watching MSNBC. Once things start to happen I’ll move over to one of the networks so I can watch it in HD, but since everyone is just showing talking heads this early in the day, I’m going with the liberal commentators.

10:05 am – Chris Matthews is complaining about the cold. He says that he almost got frostbite waiting to through security and into their broadcast location. He says people can’t go more than six hours in this sort of cold and that he’s worried that the spectators won’t be able to hold out. He’s obviously never tailgated at a football game. Those people can hold out for days.

10:10 am – Keith Olbermann suggests that even though Muhammad Ali can’t speak anymore, he communicates “almost telepathically.” Keith is a little too giddy.

10:11 am – Magic Jonhson wearing a stocking cap. Good to see public figures who aren’t afraid to wear hats.

10:17 am – OK, Chris. You’re right, it is cold. I take it back. I just checked the temp at Washington National Airport and the reports are 23 degrees with a wind chill of 10.

10:27 pm – Jackson wants to watch a documentary on steam trains. Doris Kearns Goodwin is on MSNBC. I’m going to give in…the documentary has to be just as informative as she is. I’ll be back to the inauguration by 11:00.

10:42 am – Jackson has thrown a boppy pillow around his neck and is running around the room singing “I’m a W, I’m a W.” He does, in fact, look like a W with the open ends of the boppy as the outside legs of the W and his head as the middle tine. I should just live blog Jackson’s day sometime.

11:15 am - I do not want to hear talking heads while the dignitaries are seated, I want to hear someone tell me who all of these people are as they come in. A very old woman was wheeled in a moment ago who I think is Betty Ford, but damned if anyone on NBC would tell us who it is.

11:22 am - "It's cold out here!" And with that, George H W Bush has been more candid with the American people than his son.

11:24 am -- Bill Clinton looks sour. I wonder if he wishes it were him, or if he wishes it were his wife. Or perhaps he just had a bad breakfast.

11:27 am - Will someone put hats on the kids? I've seen all of these kids--including Sasha and Malia--without hats. The wind chill is in the teens. Have them wear hats!

11:30 am -- John Boehner's wife looks just like him. It's eerie.

11:37 am -- I'm closing it down for a time. Will be back after the ceremony.
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