Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jackson's November

A few photos of Jackson from the busy month of November...

Thanksgiving 058a
All dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner.

K and J
Staying warm with Kayla at a soccer game.

moms  camera 358
Self-portrait with Kayla and Auntie.

Jackson's first time bowling. After one attempt at the traditional between-the-legs toddler style. Jackson decided his best bet was to throw it two-handed from his chest--sort of like a shot put--which makes it look like he's actually making a bowler's approach.

bowling 10
Kayla and Jackson watching one of his throws.

Thanksgiving 036
Jackson and his Buppie having dessert at Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving 073
Jackson dancing at Thanksgiving.

Jackson was the life of the party dancing at a relative's wedding.

Family portrait.

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