Saturday, September 13, 2008

Knuuttila: For Jen Flanagan before he was against her

Some have said that the greatest show of support one can give to a political figure or cause is to donate money. Using that barometer, state senate candidate Brian Knuuttila has favored one legislative candidate over all nearly all others: State Representative Jennifer Flanagan.

According to the reports filed with the Massachsuetts Office for Campaign Finance, since 2004, when Rep. Flanagan ran for office for the first time, Knuuttila has given money to 11 legislative candidates. Other than his current campaign manager Michael Ellis, who Knuuttila supported in a 2006 special election to replace him after resigning his house seat, Flanagan has been the top beneficiary of Knuuttila's largess. Here is the list of legislative candidates:

Jennifer Flanagan Rep $400.00
Michael Ellis Rep $400.00
Robert Antonioni Sen $350.00
Stephen DiNatale Rep $300.00
Robert Rice Rep $200.00
Robert DeLeo Rep $200.00
Stephen Brewer Sen $100.00
Stephen Buoniconti Sen $100.00
Anne Gobi Rep $100.00
Charles Murphy Rep $100.00
Anthony Petrucelli Rep $100.00
Knuuttila has been more supportive of Flanagan than he has of Senator Bob Antonioni, who he says he has campaigned for in the past; more supportive of Flanagan than Rep. Steve DiNatale, who has endorsed him; and more supportive of Flanagan than his own state rep., Robert Rice.

No wonder Knuuttila almost dropped out because he thought Flanagan was going to outraise him two- or three-to one. He probably figured everyone else supported Flanagan as heartily as he did.

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