Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Whoops! Romney's goof gives tax break to rich

So which would be worse: if the governor repealed the excise tax on the Bentleys and other high-end custom cars that his rich buddies drive, or if he were so incompetent that Massachusetts's richest drivers got a tax break accidentally?

If you guessed for the latter, you'd be describing Mitt Romney:

BOSTON -- Some luxury and customized car owners got a free ride when it came to paying their local excise taxes thanks to a cost-cutting attempt by former Governor Mitt Romney.

The glitch, which undertaxed at least 124,000 owners of Bentleys, motor homes, and customized vehicles statewide, added up to $6.5 million meant for cities and towns....

The hiccup occurred in 2003 when Romney reassigned some employees at the registry of Motor Vehicles, said RMV head Anne Collins....

Romney reassigned the workers who had filled in the manual values, and the vehicles were either given a default value or no value at all.

Funny how Romney's screw-ups never end up helping the little guy.

(From the Sentinel and Enterprise)

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