Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bill Richardson needs to pick a side

You know, I don't really care which sports teams are the favorites of the politicians I support. On the list of issues I care about, allegiance to one baseball team or another isn't high.

So I really don't care if Bill Richardson is a Red Sox fan, a Yankees fan, or not a fan at all. But at least get your story straight:
Earlier this year, Richardson said that if he were not running for president, his dream job would be playing for the Yankees. Yesterday, on NBC's "Meet the Press," he explained: "I've always been a Red Sox fan. But I said if I weren't running for president, I would like to be No. 7 -- Mickey Mantle -- playing center field for the New York Yankees..."
See, if he'd stopped there, this would not be a problem. I mean, I'm a Bruins fan, but if I weren't sitting here typing on this computer, I would like to be Wayne Gretzky. That doesn't make me a bad Bruins fan. And wanting to be Mickey Mantle doesn't make Richardson a bad Red Sox fan.

But he didn't stop there, and that's where he got himself into trouble:
"My favorite team has always been the Red Sox," he said, then added, "I'm also a Yankees fan. . . . This is the thing about me. I can bring people together."
Oh, cut it out. That's not bringing people together, that's pandering. Besides, the right answer would have been the Albuquerque Dukes or whatever the AAA team in New Mexico is called now (it's the Isotopes, apparently).

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