Thursday, June 18, 2009

More truth about New Hampshire

The hysterical tax opponents have been proven wrong again.

They tried to tell us that if we raised the gas tax people would flock over the border to buy gas...then New Hampshire raised their gas tax by 15 cents.

They tried to tell us that we shouldn't put tolls up at the border, despite the fact that New Hampshire already has tolls on every highway crossing the border.

Some even suggested that we can't raise meal taxes because we'd lose business to our northern neighbors, even though New Hampshire's meal taxes are already 60% higher than ours.

And now New Hampshire has approved a 45-cent per pack cigarette tax hike, diluting their argument that all of our smokers flee for the border when they need to restock.

Can we please stop worrying about what New Hampshire is doing and concentrate on fixing things here in the commonwealth?

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