Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Swine Flu in Stow

The last thing you're going to get from me is panic over a virus that seems to be about as virulent as any other, but since the rest of the world is panicking I thought I'd add a little investigative research to close a loose end from today's newspapers. There is now a case in Stow.

The Sentinel and Enterprise reported today that a student from the Nashoba Regional School District has a case of the flu:
Officials from the Nashoba Regional School District announced Tuesday that medical officials have confirmed one case of swine flu in the district....

The district includes the towns of Lancaster, Bolton and Stow.

Lancaster Board of Health Chairman Robert Baylis said privacy laws prohibit school officials from revealing which of the district's schools the afflicted student attends.
The state Department of Public Health reports that yesterday there was only one case reported yesterday in Worcester County, a seven-year old from Harvard (which caused Harvard to close school). Seven cases were confirmed yesterday in Middlesex County.

Since Lancaster and Bolton are both in Worcester County, the student in the Nashoba District with Swine Flu must be from Stow, the only town in the district from Middlesex County.

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