Friday, April 24, 2009

The Mass-N.H. DMZ

Is there some sort of lawless, unclaimed swath of land between the commonwealth and our neighbors to the north? WBZ news suggests there is:
About 10 yards away from the town of Methuen is the tax free state of New Hampshire. That's why a sales tax increase is a tough sell with politicians representing border areas. "The sales tax is always a tough sell along the border," said Sen. Sue Tucker of Lawrence.
I wonder what is in that 30-foot wide swath between Methuen and N.H. Perhaps a Utopian land where those who set foot pay no taxes on alcohol, gas, income, property, or anything else. Or maybe that area is doubly taxed, which might suggest why no one lives there. Perhaps it is part of Canada, or has seceded like Texas hopes to.

I can't wait for channel 4's follow-up article on this mysterious place.

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