Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fitchburg named one of the "worst cities in America"

I might place Leominster's ugly step-sister on the list of the worst cities in Massachusetts, but I seen enough of America that I wouldn't put it on a list of the worst places in the country. But author Dave Gilmartin has:
Garden State progeny Dave Gilmartin's book "The Absolutely Worst Places To Live in America" (Thomas Dunne Books, $11.95) serves up serious contempt for two Bay State communities, Allston and Fitchburg.

"It's very hard to respond to the nonsense that is in the book because it is so mean-spirited," said Dan H. Mylott, mayor and life-long resident of Fitchburg....

His complaints about Fitchburg include "illegal drag racing, theft, hanging out at payphones, drugs and mispronunciation."

"My reaction is, if Fitchburg is so bad, then why do we have so many people moving here from Boston? All this from a guy from New Jersey?" said David McKeehan, president of the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce.
Because they're all moving to Leominster.

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