Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Secession is an option

All those pinko commie liberal athiests getting you down? Join the Christian Exodus to Greenville, South Carolina:

The Exodus has begun.

It began quietly, in a house with white vinyl siding and a trampoline out back, in a subdivision between Greer and Simpsonville.

That's where Frank Janoski, his wife Tammy, and their four children have come. They left Bethlehem, Pa., to be a part of the Christian Exodus.

South Carolina may not be flowing with milk and honey, but it looks like the promised land to the leaders of this group, which hopes to relocate thousands of conservative Christian families like the Janoskis from across America to the Palmetto State.

Their aim: to tip the political scales, which they see as already weighted heavily to the right, further in that direction.

Secession "is a valid option," said Janoski, a "state coordinator" for the organization -- but he hopes it doesn't come to that.

"If it's going to be ugly and bloody, nobody wants that," he said.

The group is recruiting more pioneers for this journey of faith through its Web site and plans to hold a national conference in Greenville in October, which will include information booths of local real estate agents, employers and private schools -- all the nuts and bolts needed for relocation.

Hate to get the wrong idea about these guys...
The Rev. Tony Romo, pastor of South Point Baptist Church in Pelzer, said his church will hold a "leadership meeting" for Christian Exodus on Oct. 16.

"Some people think it's some kind of whacked-out religious invasion. It's not that at all," he said.

Not at all.
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