Friday, May 6, 2005

Baptists and Cheerleaders

Since I complained a couple of weeks ago that the Republicans were attempting to outlaw weather each weekend has been a washout (including the upcoming Mother's Day weekend). So perhaps linking to this TV news story about a Baptist church that excommunicated members for being Democrats will result in a deluge of Democrats.

On occasion, I defend religious conservatives because I attended religious schools, went to church every Saturday, and have friends who are religious, conservative, or both. I appreciate that most religious conservatives are sincere in their beliefs and are basically good people. I have found that where I come into contact with these folks, I generally like them. But I just don't understand the philosophy of the James Dobson/Pat Robertson Fundamentalist Faction which says that people who do not hold the same beliefs are enemies of the church and should be shut out of society.

The only thing worse than church leaders kicking people out of church because they are Democrats, or suggesting that prominent Jewish Democrats are Communists and Muslims and Hindus should be prohibited from serving as judges, are politicians like Bill Frist who cater to them.

Unfortunately, there are some loony Democrats out there as well, including the one who led the fight in the Texas legislature to keep cheerleaders from "shaking their behinds, breaking it down..."
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