Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Ashburnham+Tornado = UFOOOOOOs!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!

So while I was posting the report of our hike Sunday, I googled the words "Asburnham tornado" in an attempt to find out if a tornado or some other reported event could have casued those trees to come down. While I didn't find anything like that, I did come across a couple of references to a woman who claims she was abducted by UFO's in Ashburnham in 1967.

For instance, if you click this link and hit Ctrl-F, then type "Ashburnham" in the dialog box, you will get to read a version of the account. Apparently this is a particularly famous UFO story, but since I don't run in those circles (or crop circles for that matter) this is the first I've heard of it.

I don't know which I think is crazier, that UFOs have been scooping people off the streets of Ashburnham, or that the site to which I've linked hypothesizes that people who have abduction fantasies are actually reliving their prenatal or birth experiences...
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