Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Say No to Drumlins

Five years ago, Kilbourn Hill—a perfectly good hill—became Dexter Drumlin. The Trustees of Reservations decided that after decades (centuries, perhaps) of just being a hill, the place where Lancastrians go to sled, walk, jog, watch the sun rise and set, and just generally be was now a drumlin.

Did it graduate? Earn a higher rank? Achieve a new social status? Has the word “hill” become offensive to some group? Who changes the name of a local landmark after all this time? Honestly, who names a hill a drumlin?

Other than the title, this blog has nothing to do with drumlins. It may have to do with hiking, or politics, or high school basketball, or whatever I’m thinking about at a given moment, but it probably won’t have a thing to do with drumlins. If you got here by googling the word “drumlin,” you’re welcome to stay—but sorry, no drumlins.
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